A birthday is necessarily a very important moment in everyone's life. Some people like to celebrate it, others don't, but the small attentions that we can have towards them are always a pleasure for the most part. In the case where the person celebrating his birthday is a gamer or a gamer, it can be difficult to find a gift as his passion can be picky: pleasing a gamer for his birthday can be a tough task .

In this article :

  • Gamer birthday gifts by preference (Nintendo / Playstation / Xbox)
  • For the pro gamer
  • For gaming parents

Video games, PC accessories, gaming glasses, computer screens or goodies, many things can cross your mind. Don't panic, our experience and our status as experienced players will be used to help you !

What is a gamer or gamer birthday gift?

As we briefly told you about above, a birthday present for a gamer can be very different depending on his profile. Some people will prefer to read a good book on the history of their favorite video game, others will be more interested in something practical and useful on a daily basis such as blue light blocking glasses or a USB hub for charging controllers and smartphone without looking for chargers all over the house.

Well, it must be said, the Horus X team is not lucky enough to have learned instant movement from the Yardrats like Goku. We therefore cannot offer you THE gift that will please the person you want to please. But we have selected a range of products and we are sure that you will find something in it (or that, at least, it will be able to guide you!).

In this case, what gift to give to a gamer for his birthday?

If the gamer or the gamer is rather connected (e) Nintendo

Already, if the gamer to whom you want to offer a gift, or the gamer, loves Nintendo, then she must have good taste. And the person writing this guide isn't saying that because they're a die-hard Nintendo fan themselves. Well, okay, she fell into Zelda's pot from a very young age.

A First4Figure Zelda statuette

Zelda gamer gamer birthday gift

And that's exactly where we're going to start: what better license than Zelda from Nintendo? With its games (almost) always of very high quality, which even go so far as to lay the foundations for the video game industry, there are bound to be products that will please its fans.

There are really a lot of things that we could recommend to you, but we have decided to choose only one category: figurines from First4Figure , which are undoubtedly the best in this price range. Zelda, Link, Revali or the Hylian shield, the four figurines from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild are of high quality and will please every time.

The prices are between 130 and 230$ on the official website , but it is possible to find them at more reasonable prices on French shops .

Looking for a Sony PlayStation gamer birthday gift?

So no, we are not going to insult you by telling you about the PlayStation 5. On the one hand it is still very expensive, and on the other hand … well, the stock what. The famous stock of new generation consoles. If you are not aware, know that it is almost impossible since its release to get a PS5, as the Covid-19 has had a strong impact on the industry and on the production of computer components.

An official controller charger

PlayStation gamer gamer birthday gift

We are therefore going to move towards a more affordable gift and, above all, that you can get without going eight times a day on Dealabs. To be honest, we even picked two products from our special “gamer birthday gift ideas” hat. The first will be more suitable for someone who prefers the practical side of a gift, namely a PlayStation 4 controller charger , or PS5 if you insist and if the person you are giving it to already has this console.

It will therefore take around €20 for the official PlayStation 4 charger and around €25 for the one dedicated to Sony's latest home console , all on Amazon. To be very honest, it changes the life of a gamer or a gamer to no longer have to connect a cable by hand between the console and a controller.

A nice PlayStation mug

PlayStation gamer gamer birthday gift

The other gift idea is rather “goodie” oriented, although it remains useful in everyday life … if the person drinks coffee, tea or any drink from a cup. You may have already understood, here is the magnificent “Retro” ceramic mug , in the colors of the legendary PlayStation 1. It is sold for just under €18 on Amazon and will undoubtedly please anyone who loves consoles from Sony.

Would you rather find a Microsoft gamer gift and its Xbox universe?

Just like on the PlayStation side, we are still not going to advise you to buy an Xbox console. If the smallest model, the Xbox Series S, does not suffer from inventory problems, the powerful model, Xbox Series X, is also struggling to find its way to stores. And anyway, it's super expensive.

A controller rest in the colors of Master Chief

Xbox gamer gamer birthday gift

It is customary to think that people who really love the Xbox brand are particularly attached to the few strong licenses of the American brand. And the one that stands out is obviously Halo, Microsoft's real spearhead for its video game branch. In this case, what could be better than a statuette bearing the image of Master Chief … to hold a controller!? What's more, it's not very expensive, around €23 on Amazon , and we're ready to put our hand to it as a gamer birthday present.

A portable controller for your phone

Xbox gamer gamer birthday gift

It's no longer a secret that Microsoft has deployed its Xbox brand on many media: on consoles of the same name, on PCs but also on smartphones thanks to Cloud Gaming. With a GamePass Ultimate subscription, it is therefore possible to play many games wherever the internet connection (WiFi, 4G or 5G) is sufficient. The problem is that a controller is a bit difficult to transport and the setup is not very comfortable: phone on the table, controller in your hands, blah.

However, there are portable controllers designed to place the phone directly in it , in order to more or less reproduce the concept of the Nintendo Switch. We therefore offer you the Kishi model from Razer for Android, available at around 70€ . For the iOS compatible version, you will have to spend a hundred euros .

Has he or she ever told you “PC master race”? We have the right gamer birthday gift

So there you are dealing with the most difficult category to satisfy. Not that PC gamers, nicknamed PCistes, are complicated people (yes, anyway), but it's just that in general, their passion is such that these people already have EVERYTHING.

Mouse, keyboard, screen, speakers, mouse pads, either they have already planned to buy some, or they have some and it can make finding a gift super complicated. And if we add to that the complexity of the PC world (because you have to have some basics anyway!), the quest is too difficult. It's like embarking on an urgent RC8 rank quest on Monster Hunter when you've only just equipped the basic hunter armor.

blue light blocking gaming glasses

PC gamer gamer birthday gift

But if there's one thing that too many people forget, it's what allows them to enjoy their computer for long hours every day: their eyes. Thinking about protecting them is not necessarily the first instinct we have, when it should be the first thing to do.

To correct the situation, you can therefore offer the person in question a pair of anti-blue light glasses from our catalog , we have everything you need: a pair above all dedicated to gaming called Gaming Revolution , another rather designed for work and even a frame that clips onto prescription glasses, called the Gaming Shields ! As always, the prices are very low and you will find your happiness (or rather the happiness of someone else, for their birthday) from around 30€.

What gift to choose for gamer dad or gamer mom?

Well yes, gamers and gamers are not necessarily between 10 and 25 years old. It is even an understatement to say that the majority is older than that since the average age of players in France, for the year 2021, was … 38 years old . So inevitably, even if everyone does not have a child in their life, there is an age when it is more likely that the fan of video games will become a mom or a dad and... you have to know how to please your parents !

If you're looking for a gamer birthday gift for your mom or dad, for example, you might have to think a little differently. Logically, if you are able to search the internet for ideas and offer your own gift, you are not 8 years old and therefore your parents are not 20 years old (normally!). Older than others, they may be interested in different gifts from those mentioned above.

In this case, it will already be necessary to know what this parent likes. Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft, the PC game or all at once. Is it more someone who likes “old-fashioned” products like a big fat LEGO Star Wars ship to build? Or is it rather the kind of person who loves modernity who would like to install LEDs on his setup?

A book on the history of video games

Retro Gamer Gamer Birthday Gift

We will instead focus on something less risky in terms of choice and which will necessarily please. Although a bit dated, the book “Start! The Great History of Video Games” is a great classic in French video game literature. It is available on the internet and in bookstores for a price of around 30€ !

No more excuses, you have your gift!

With all the ideas we were able to give you, you either found the perfect gift or we directed you to something else. But there is no doubt that you were able to advance in your quest! If you really can't make it, never forget the incredible power of the famous gift card joker. You can do it at Micromania, FNAC, Amazon, Cultura, in short, everywhere.

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