What could be more disturbing than an eye that wiggles when, lurking at the bottom of the map, you watch the enemy for a legendary headshot through your sniper scope?

We have all already felt this strange fluttering of the eyelids which can very quickly become a real hell for the pro gamer. What are its causes ? What are the solutions to solve this problem?

If you think these spasms are due to screen time, know that it could be linked to a lot of other things. Below, we explain in detail how to get rid of this eye glitch in no time.

In this article :

  • The different causes of a twitching eye
  • Our solutions against eye spasms

The causes… which must be kept in mind!

We call fasciculation this brief involuntary muscle contraction that makes your eye pop like Mario in Super Smash Bros Melee. Most often benign and transient, this symptom can also be the manifestation of a much more serious problem . But don't panic, most causes are generally not serious.

Lack of sleep

The hours spent in front of the screen tire our pupils. By tensing our gaze to stay focused during a battle royal, the muscle of our eyelid contracts. Over a long period of time, the eye gets tired and our eyelid twitches ; sign of muscle exhaustion.

Eye Pathology Fatigue Solution


Stress is the most common cause of eye tremor. Indeed, subjected to different tensions during the day, our bodies transmit nerve impulses to all our muscles in order to discharge the energy that passes through them. We are balls of energy, like Super Sayans . Therefore, the thin skin of our eyelids feels these impulses more importantly and that is why we feel our eye jump.

Coffee, alcohol, tea

Exciting drinks such as coffee and alcohol, but also energy drinks can cause eye tremors. Indeed, by increasing muscle hyperexcitability and our blood pressure, these magic potions act directly on the muscles of our eyes and on their vascular system . Suddenly, your eyelid panics as much as your throbbing.

Magnesium deficiency

Deficiencies in trace elements have always been the source of many dysfunctions in our body. According to scientific research , lack of magnesium can cause eye spasms.

Considered the top 1 natural anti-stress, magnesium has a huge effect on our muscle condition . This is why, in a deficiency situation, the eye muscles show signs of weakness and begin to twitch.

Vitamin Magnesium Eye beating and jumping

Eye fatigue

Eye fatigue is undoubtedly the most recurrent pathology among gamers. It results in several symptomatic manifestations: dry eyes, burning or stinging eyes, blurred vision, fasciculations.

It occurs in several scenarios: prolonged time in front of the screen, long exposure to air conditioning, insufficient light in front of the computer. Eye fatigue increases the risk of eye spasms .

Other causes

In much rarer cases, eye tremor can be associated with certain eye diseases . Some of the related ones include:

  • Blepharitis : it is an inflammation of the eyelid.
  • Glaucoma : it is a disease of the optic nerve that occurs with age.
  • Uveitis : this is an inflammation of part of the center of the eye.

But these are very rare diseases, as rare as a good game server at Blizzard! So you see, there is nothing (too much) to worry about!

The solutions: our “anti-jumping-eye” cheatcodes! 

We won't let you finish this article without giving you a good handful of tips and codes to overcome the unfortunate flickering eyes that have been ruining your life for days.

Protective glasses

If you regularly read our posts, you must be familiar with the subject. Protective glasses are the Holy Grail for all players who wish to protect their pupils.

Know that anti-blue light protective glasses considerably reduce eye fatigue and all the repercussions associated with it : dry eyes, stinging, red eyes – in addition to preventing possible damage caused by the light spectrum of our screens.

To protect yourself with our glasses, only one link to follow: click here !

Blue light blocking glasses, eye popping

Favorite foods

Who doesn't know this ad by heart: “Eat at least five fruits and vegetables a day! »?

Food is at the root of our mental and physical health. To be strong like an Avengers, you have to provide your body with all the nutrients it needs (and yes, that's the secret!).

For example, to fill a lack of magnesium, you will need to favor green vegetables, oleaginous fruits , whole grains, in addition to drinking certain mineral waters.

Drinking plenty of water, up to 2 liters a day (8 normal glasses), is an excellent way to stay in good shape and ensure that we have all the mineral salts for our body.

A word of advice : we have a detailed article on food for gamers to (re)read here: foods that strengthen eyesight.

Food supplements (for magnesium)

If you suffer from a significant magnesium deficiency, you can also turn to food supplements in the form of ampoules or capsules.

Blue pill? Red pill? Whatever, Neo! What you need to know is that you can easily get it in pharmacies .

Do not hesitate to ask a specialist, they will be able to show you the right path to the Force!

sports and relaxation

If you think fluttering is stress-related, we have several solutions.

Already, immediately, take a long breath, close your eyes and exhale deeply. OK, great, are you still with us? Alright !

Practicing a sporting activity is a great way to free yourself from daily stress . Look for an activity that you might like if you don't play sports: table tennis, running, swimming, curling or pony riding , why not!

Otherwise, we strongly advise you to practice relaxation or meditation. It can be yoga or just breathing exercises to relax and unwind for a few hours during the week.

It's a good technique to find an infallible peace of mind before exploding a bunch of zombies on the new Call Of Duty mod!

Relaxation Yoga For Gamers and e-sport practice

The ophthalmologist

If, despite our advice, the wriggling of your eyelids does not disappear, the best thing is still to go see a pupil pro, a vision sensei, an eye specialist. He will be able to look with machines from the future inside your eyeball and understand what is wrong!

And then, we can't tell you enough, you should regularly consult an ophthalmologist , especially when you spend hours and hours playing the latest FPS games of the moment or watching streamers on Twitch complain about the Cyberpunk game.

Stop those spasms in the blink of an eye!

When your eye pops, there are as many causes as there are solutions. First of all, don't worry, you must be a little tired.

The best advice we can give you is to rest and get a good pair of protective glasses to soothe your pupils when you spend long hours in front of the screen.

And if your eye continues to bug like an old Windows, go straight to your doctor , he will be able to advise you, eyes closed!

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