What would Neo be without his dark glasses? Terminator without its ANSI Classics Gargoyles? Or Agent J and Agent K without their pairs of Rayban Predators? Glasses make heroes like they make the best gamers.

Picking out a good pair of goggles is like picking out a good weapon before stepping onto the damp ground of Verdansk on Call of Duty. So what better than a complete guide to help you find the best pair of gaming glasses to effectively fight eye fatigue?

In this article :

  • TOP 5
  • The importance of having the best gaming glasses
  • How to choose it
  • Top 5 Details
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Best gaming glasses - TOP 3

TOP Photo Model Price Notice
1 Revolution gaming glasses The One Revo 54.90 4.8 / 5
2 urban revolution gaming glasses The Urban Revo 54.90 4.7 / 5
3 One Horus X gaming glasses The One 34.90 4.5 / 5
4 casual urban gaming glasses The Urban 34.90 4.5 / 5
5 Clip on gaming shields Clip-on Gaming 29.90 4.4 / 5

This selection takes into account the most comprehensive criteria on the market for evaluating gaming glasses. From filter technology to ergonomics and style.

  • 100% filtration of UV A, B and C
  • 100% filtering of ultra harmful blue light from 380 to 400 nanometers
  • Filters between 50 and 86% of harmful blue light extended spectrum from 380 to 450 nanometers
  • Anti reflection
  • Powerful full-coverage design with helmet-friendly temples

Find out why these glasses are in the top 5 + all the details of these glasses broken down in the rest of the article.

Good glasses, why is it so important for a gamer?

Avoid inconveniences and stay efficient

Migraines , blurred vision, dry eyes like the Gobi desert, you know? Yes these are often problems that gamers encounter if they do not wear glasses.

young man who has pain in the eyes and in the head because he does not have the best gaming glasses

With good glasses, it is possible to reduce these constraining effects and guarantee you an optimal physical form for never be distracted again during your next speedrun .

With a suitable pair of glasses, you will also reduce the eye strain , glare and the harmful effects of blue light.

A good frame, chosen with care, will offer your eyes the comfort and safety necessary to be effective throughout the competition and no longer have any doubts about your in-game performance.

Protect your eyes before, during and after the game

On a daily basis, your pupils are subjected to a lot of enemies who come little by little to lower their energy bars.

Gamer in front of his screen equipped with the best gaming glasses

Glasses for gamers are designed to protect their retinas from external opponents:

  • the vicious blue light
  • annoying flickers
  • the countless reflections
  • the ghostly contrasts of luminosity

Choosing good lenses for your eyes is like have a good shield of protection: they will take the blows for you.

Be styled like Halo's Master Chief

Being the prince of the top1 is cool! But why not be in style? Apart from the many qualities that lend themselves to wearing glasses, there is also an aesthetic side that should not be overlooked.

Matthieu co-founder Horus X with One gaming glasses

Having a mount with a unique style is also a great way to prove your difference and impress your opponents with your enchanting charisma!

How to choose your gaming glasses – our expert advice


A beautiful pair is not only a matter of elegance. It involves work on ergonomics and adaptability .

best gaming glasses

Wearing good glasses means choosing the right design. You must know that :

  • The design of the glasses must perfectly fit the shape of your head.
  • The cut of your glasses must be thought out to occupy all your vision.

To know : the field of vision covered by the eyes of a human being can approach 200° per eye movement. Good lenses ensure an optimal field of vision.

  • A beautiful frame also means having taste! And, to weigh in the game, you have to know how to stand out on all fronts.


A pro-gamer hires thirty-five to fifty hours of play per week. That's why it's important to choose lightweight glasses to prevent them from bothering you in the long run.

bezel for pc gamer

If you're spending more time putting your glasses back on your nose than concentrating on the game, there's a problem.

An important point: the most comfortable glasses are also those that have been designed to wear a helmet without feeling any discomfort.


Have you ever dreamed of wearing hyper-intelligent glasses displaying a lot of information in real time like in sci-fi movies?

At Horus X, we sometimes dream about it, but when it comes to putting ourselves in the player's shoes, it is better to concentrate on the information on the screen!

Today, there are advanced technologies that offer gamers models of glasses with many features. Thanks to powerful filters, some glasses (they are rare!) are able to remove up to 90% of harmful exposure to blue light.

Of what to give a real level up to your retina!

Some lenses also suppress glare and reduce strain on your eyes. A great way to stop your consumption of aspirin, you who were used to migraines after long days of play.

cheap blue light blocking glasses

Take a good look at the following features:

- Anti blue light gaming glasses : check here that it is a maximum protection on the wavelength 380 to 450 nanometers (harmful spectrum of blue light)

- Anti-Glare Glass : Equally important because glare really wreaks havoc on gaming performance.

- Anti-scratch lens: guarantees the durability of your glasses, even if you have to transport them often.

Take the time to choose the right frame according to the characteristics of the lenses used. You're still not going to go into battle without wearing protective gear for your eyes, right?

The price: best value for money gaming glasses

The best gaming glasses are not always cheap. It is often necessary to count at least 80 euros. This price is simply not justifiable!

At Horus X, we are aware that the life of a pro or amateur gamer entails a certain cost due to the regular purchase of gear. We made glasses simple, ultra-efficient and at a fair price to allow you to protect yourself without breaking the bank. And that's not all...

Daily protection, long-term guarantee

Cheap glasses , of super quality, with crazy packaging and a good guarantee, it's not that easy to find. Lucky for you, we have the impression that you are on the right site to find this treasure!

On a daily basis, it is very important to be able to protect your glasses so that they can last over time. You therefore need a solid, resistant and light box.

In the long term, the brand you choose should be able to commit to the sustainability of its product. And who offers a lifetime warranty (guess who offers that!)

Which color to choose?

Orange bezel? Yellow or transparent ? There are quite a few different variations. The main thing is to understand his need. Do you want reinforced protection to play longer at the highest level? Are your eyes a little more sensitive? Favor an amber filter as with our plasma technology. Most players get used to it in minutes

If you want a color rendering almost 100% true to the original, choose a clear transparent glass like with Ghost technology that covers your back by filtering all the most harmful light and optimizing the color balance for a truly stunning rendering. . Less intense protection but sufficient for some.

Which gaming glasses to choose? The selection of the top 3

🥇 Top 1 - The Gaming Revolution

Gaming revolution number one in the ranking

The ultimate gaming eyewear par excellence. The Revolution has been designed for gaming performance from A to Z. Breathtaking style, ultra-thin temples in Horus X metal alloy for a perfect headset fit, adjustable tips for maximum comfort and outstanding protection with panoramic vision combined with patented Plasma technology.

🥈 Top 2 - Urban Revo gaming glasses

top 2 urban revo sunglasses

The latest addition to the Revolution range, the Urban offers a unique neo retro style that cannot be found anywhere else. A slightly less covering frame than the One Revo but still equipped with the most powerful filters on the market, and in addition has even more comfortable spring arms, it is definitely one of the favorite gaming glasses of high level gamers.

🥉Top 3 - The Gaming One

The gaming one top 3 of the best gaming glasses

The gaming one is the gaming eyewear model that propelled Horus X as the market leader in 2018. A simple, covering, efficient design, the best materials for a light, comfortable, ultra-resistant eyewear equipped with our legendary filtration technology. Already adopted by more than 100,000 gamers. A success that speaks for itself.

🏅Top 4 - Urban Gaming

The urban casual of Horus X

A much more casual model goes everywhere with more refined curves. These glasses are more discreet with a refined vintage style. Ideal for streaming gaming sessions.

🎖 Top 5 - For eyeglasses - The Shield Clip On anti blue light

top 5 shield horus x

Last but not least! The shield offers our on-board filtration technologies on your own prescription glasses. You keep the comfort of your usual glasses and you clip on the shield which adds the necessary protection for wild gaming sessions.

Bonus 1 - The Performance Pack

To combine the best of both worlds. This pack allows you to combine a pair of gaming one with intense plasma filtration technology + a pair of urban with go-anywhere ghost filtration technology. Allows you to be protected all day depending on the use and fatigue of the moment.

Bonus 2 - For children - La Hope

A smaller model for thin faces but no less powerful. Same ultra advanced filtration technology to protect the youngest during their frantic games on the last call of!

Bonus 3 - Gaming glasses with correction - LOADING... (2023!)

While waiting for our gaming glasses with prescription, if you really can't wait, our best enemies from Gunnar make pairs not too bad. But we warn you from 2023 it will move...

Bonus 4 - The nomadic anti blue light collection

This collection has been designed for mobile use of screens, on your laptop, on your tablet or even on your smartphone. These glasses are more suitable in a pro or school setting and are equipped with the less intense Ghost technology but which may be sufficient depending on your intensity as a gamer.

You have not found your happiness? View the entire gaming collection here .

You want your gaming glasses but you wonder if...

… Can you wear them all the time?

If you are deeply in love with your glasses, you can wear them as much as you want.

If you want to change your style during the day, on the go, glasses with a less important blue light filter (and therefore less yellow) are really not bad. Look at a "casual" version , more relaxed and goes everywhere.

Anyway all models can be worn all day.

…They are also useful outdoors?

Gaming glasses are useful during your gaming sessions or when you spend a long time in front of the screen.

They protect against certain ultraviolet rays of the sun, but it's not designed for that , so don't try to look directly at our star… instead focus on the ones you find in Mario.

Anyway if you play outside on your phone (or you spend a lot of time chatting on whatsapp, viber or other), the glasses can be used to protect your performance. Otherwise we created sunglasses for the screens !

…They will transform your vision?

As with sunglasses, gaming lenses have a sometimes strong tint that can alter certain colors. Often yellow, this tint is in fact a filter that reduces blue light from screens.

Gamer glasses are mostly designed to make your vision sharper with other features like anti-reflective. But, if you ever see killer bunnies, it's either that you're playing a new Ubisoft game or you ate something fishy.

... Is blue light really dangerous?

Yes and no. Blue light is everywhere. Its main source is the sun, so it's particularly useful for regulating your sleep/wake cycles. On the other hand, an overposition to this blue light at the wrong time of the day + a concentrated exposure to the artificial blue light of our screens make it a major enemy. Headaches, eye pain, disturbed sleep and in the long term a potential impact on AMD...

… You will have the class and if you will be a killer in game?

We are sure and certain that you will have serious class with gaming glasses (especially if you choose Horus X). As far as your skills and performance are concerned, the best thing is to try. We trust you! If you're here, you're already the best!

The final word: The best gaming glasses

Thanks to this ultimate guide, you now know all the rules for finding your pair of pro gaming glasses from the best brand of gaming glasses.

At Horus X, we are aware of the needs of players and we pay particular attention to developing cutting-edge glasses that meet the expectations of the world of esports (do you know that we work with esports teams like Atletec?). As a hardcore gamer, glasses are the key accessory to stand above the competition by protecting itself in particular from eye fatigue but also from the long-term effects of blue light.

We therefore offer you three models of glasses with characteristics studied and controlled by independent laboratories:

Do not hesitate to contact us for more details. We are here to advise you and bring you the best solution for your gamer eyes. And if you choose our Horus X, share on Instagram that we can your little face!

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