If you have arrived here, it is without a doubt that you are looking for a pair of blue light blocking glasses for women. Well the coincidence is pretty crazy, since that is precisely the purpose of our article! Either you are a diviner or our SEO is well done, but in both cases, we welcome you. On this page, you will find both a top 5 blue light blocking glasses for women , but also a small buying guide, which will allow you, among other things, to better understand the interest of making a gender differentiation in this area.

Top 5 best blue light blocking glasses for women

To help you find thebest pair of blue light blocking glasses , we have concocted a small top 5 families. We would like to warn you in advance, none of the pairs offered will be comparable to those worn by Bayonetta... sorry.

1 - Horus X - Casual 2.0

Our Casual 2.0 glasses are placed in first position of this top 5. It's not surprising, and it's not (just) because it's our baby. To explain to you, Horus X is one of those companies that work on their products, are proud of them and want to communicate honestly about them. On each of our pairs, you will find the detail of the filtered spectrum, in a precise way ; rare are the eyewear manufacturers to do so. Starting from this principle of worked quality and transparency, we can only say that our product is the best, offered at a low price.

Our Casual 2.0 pair is more suitable for working on screen, but it is obviously possible to take advantage of it while playing, especially if you are not a big fan of glasses with yellow lenses. Filtration here accounts for about 50% of the harmful spectrum. Perfect if you are looking for non-prescription blue light blocking glasses for women.

The positive points :

  • Filtration explained
  • Transparent glasses, if you don't like yellow glasses
  • Light, comfortable, compatible with wearing headphones
  • Very accessible price
  • Money-back guarantee

The negative points :

  • Do not yet exist in sight

2 - Allusion - Jovi

The most popular model of the Allusion brand, the Jovi model is typically a thin model, designed above all for light faces that will not need to show off with large frames. At Allusion, most models are all the same price, with the Jovi being simply the most popular . And there is reason, since this pair is very beautiful, with a modern style that will delight anyone wishing to obtain them.

It should be noted, however, that these glasses are not designed for intensive gaming: neither in the filtration of the harmful spectrum (which is not clearly specified by the brand), nor in the solidity of the frame. , which potentially will not be able to support very long hours of play with headphones on the ears. Concretely, these are 1st price blue light blocking glasses , mainly for women.

The positive points :

  • The very beautiful design
  • Very transparent, discreet lenses
  • Very affordable price

The negative points :

  • Not thought for people who are a bit naughty with their glasses
  • Filtering not explained

3 - Horus X - Gaming Small

We spoke to you above about the office-oriented pair, this time here is the one designed for gaming! The real gaming, the one where you chain the top 1 like a pro on Fortnite! Or if you prefer, the one where you beat Ganon with a wooden branch and without Barbarian armor! In short, the gaming we love. The Horus X Gaming Small pair offers more than 86% harmful spectrum filtration , hence the yellow lenses. Like the Casual, this pair is designed to be light, comfortable and completely suitable for wearing headphones. Once again, the price is very affordable, despite all the qualities that we wanted to integrate into these blue light blocking glasses.

The difference between this Gaming Small and the Gaming 2.0 is quite simply its size: it will be more suitable for small faces, thinner, less imposing; this is the case for many of our clients. Of course, the Gaming 2.0 pair remains available if you prefer it!

The positives of one of the best gaming glasses :

  • The accessibility of the pair
  • Powerful filtration, perfect for playing for hours
  • comfort and weight
  • Filtering explained
  • Money-back guarantee

The negative points :

  • No correction possible

4 - Gunnar - ATHERTON

Gunnar Atherton glasses buying guide anti blue light woman

Should Gunnar be introduced? Undoubtedly one of the most important brands in our market, Gunnar has made a name for itself in the market for anti-blue light glasses dedicated to gaming. Even if their pricing is quite high in general, many people have fallen for their pairs . Who here has never come across a streamer or a streamer with a small "GUNNAR" logo in a corner of the overlay?

Their Atherton pair, offered at a price of around €100, is designed to be worn every day. But unlike other brands, they also offer yellowed glasses, with greater filtration than those of Allusion for example. The design remains simple and it is quite possible to choose more transparent lenses, thus sacrificing a little protection.

The positive points :

  • Filtration of your choice (65 or 35% of their spectrum considered harmful)
  • Round and modern design
  • Lightweight frame

The negative points :

  • Very high price

5 - Gunnar - Solar Infinite

Gunnar - Solar Infinite

If you're looking for sunglasses-style blue light blocking glasses for women , Gunnar may have a product for you. In addition to protecting against UV , like any good solar pair, their black lenses filter out up to 90% of the harmful scepter of blue light . Maximum protection with style to knock everyone around you off their feet. The design of these glasses is very beautiful, very sober and will adapt to any shape of face without problem.

The problem, as often with Gunnar, is the price: you will have to pay the modest sum of €99 to get them. On the other hand, sunglasses are, you know, not suitable for work or indoor video games. You will no longer see anything from your screen, nor from what surrounds you. Not practical.

The positive points :

  • Sunglasses for outdoors
  • A slim design
  • Very high protection

The negative points :

  • The price still high
  • Can only be used outdoors

PS: Little secret between you and us, we're launching our solar blue light blocking glasses this summer, with 96% filtration of harmful blue rays!

Buying guide, how to choose blue light blocking glasses for women?

Why assume that a woman will not choose the same glasses as a man?

In 2021, it may be inappropriate to differentiate between women and men . It's completely normal, mentalities change, we find it hard to tolerate this kind of thing and that's the case here too, at Horus X. But we had to face the obvious: it's not a general truth in all areas . If we no longer accept that toys are blue or pink to differentiate the sexes, it remains quite logical, in scientific fields, that a differentiation is made. Add to that the cultural habits of our country, and the choice of glasses can vary greatly between women and men.

Scientifically speaking, women are smaller than men throughout the world. Therefore, her face is too, so it's not uncommon for a woman to need smaller frames.

    What are the benefits of getting blue light blocking glasses?

    In recent years, the question has arisen less and less in people's heads. The interest in obtaining anti-blue light glasses, whether for gaming, for work or for everyday life, is such that the demand is becoming increasingly strong. But not everyone knows the various advantages of these glasses at their fingertips. At Horus X we are nice, we will not leave you in doubt, we will quickly explain to you:
    • Relieves the eyes and avoids headaches : this is the first, most logical and most widespread benefit. Wearing blue light blocking glasses means benefiting from more or less advanced filtration of the harmful spectrum. On the pairs that we offer at Horus X, the spectrum is calculated precisely and we also communicate on it on each product sheet . This allows quite simply, while playing or working, to rest your pretty little eyes. Therefore, the more your eyes are rested, the less likely you are to have headaches caused by your exposure to blue light. Gorgeous isn't it?

    • Improves sleep : concretely, everything will be a bit linked. Once your eyes are more rested, more stressed, you will tend to go to bed less tired by blue light. But that's not all, since this light also has a direct effect on sleep . To sum up, blue light is assimilated by our brain like daylight: and what would be the logic for it to let us fall asleep while it is daytime? You understood, our screens have a direct effect on our sleep;

    • Increases your concentration : Unlike sleep, glasses will have no direct effect on your concentration. But this will come from the other advantages: by sleeping better and having fewer headaches, you will be better able to concentrate on your work or your games.

    • Avoids large long-term damage : we will get into the most harmful effects over the years. For once, it's a little scary to realize that staring at screens without any blue light protection can, in some cases, be really dangerous. To summarize, there are scenarios where some people have lost their sight due to too much exposure, or even have experienced a real attention deficit. By wearing blue light blocking glasses, you know you're minimizing this kind of spine-chilling stuff.
    But to take advantage of all these advantages, we advise you to turn to popular brands, which have proven their know-how. It is relatively touchy to rush on Amazon to find blue light blocking glasses for women (as for men), even if some companies sell quality products there (luckily we are there!). Take the time to get well informed , you can also turn to a pharmacy, which will undoubtedly offer you quality models. Be careful all the same to the price and the filtration, not always very thorough. If you are wondering, know that there is no need for a prescription to buy this type of product.

    So, did you find your glasses?

    We only have one dream: not that a reboot of Jak & Daxter will be developed on PlayStation 5 (although), but that you have managed to find your happiness thanks to our guide on choosing blue light blocking glasses for your female. If so, please don't hesitate to let us know . You can mention us on your Instagram story or even in a tweet!
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