Sight is one of the most important senses for a gamer. It is therefore essential to protect your eyes as best as possible.

There are many tricks to thwart the blue light enemy that damages your pupils in the long run. Many gamers today opt for anti-blue light PC screen filters to limit these harmful effects.

The time of an article, we decided to take an interest in it to find out if this device is worth it (or not) to be used.

In this article :

  • What is a blue light filter?
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • Recommendations and alternatives

What is a blue light filter?

For those who have spent too much time deep in the mountains of Assassin's Creed Valhalla, the blue light screen filters are physical films resembling protective "glasses" that you attach to your computer screen, your tablet or even your smartphone.


How it works ?

From one device to another, blue light filters for computers, tablets or smartphones always apply to the screen of your device. These filters are designed to absorb the harmful part of the light spectrum that damages your retina over the long term. It's a bit like a Star Wars-style electromagnetic shield, but for your pupils!

Before you return to the snowy forests of Norway, we have listed the advantages and disadvantages of this protective device.

The pros and cons


Protect your eyes

The first advantage of a filter is obviously the considerable reduction of harmful blue light for our eyes in the long term . By reducing its impact and its intensity, our brain better assimilates the light, our eyes are less subject to the dangerousness of this light wave, so we guarantee better health for our pupils.

Screen filters can reduce this light by at least 80% , enough to protect your eyes when you play for many hours.

Another tip : A good diet is also a preferred solution to improve your eyesight and protect it . Our article on this can be viewed here .

Fatigue Blue Light PC and Smartphone Screen

be less tired 

Protection filters also have the particularity of lowering your energy bar a little more slowly. Indeed, the reduction of blue light makes it possible to avoid too much disruption of your biological clock , you will sleep better and will therefore be more efficient.

A better balanced brain

We won't guarantee you to have the same power of concentration as Magneto, but better protected eyes and a less tired brain will also allow you to be more efficient and better concentrated.

Anti Blue Light Filter PC Television Screen

By reducing the level of blue light using a filter, our brain regains a less disturbed day/night rhythm . Therefore, it will also influence your internal clock and allow you to have a more balanced and healthier sleep pattern.

Another tip : The best thing will still be to avoid exposure to screens one hour before going to bed!

Avoid eye pathologies

Blue light has harmful effects for the eyes (dry eyes, blurred vision, etc.). Thanks to its protective technology, the filters will delay or even prevent certain eye diseases such as AMD ( age-related macular degeneration which accelerates with blue light ) or even cataracts.

The lessers

Changing colors

    Filters very often use the color yellow to attenuate the radiation of blue light. This logically alters the quality of the colors on the screen . Instead of accurately viewing the wonderful graphics of a game like Genshin Impact, they will pull the colors a little yellow, like a good old photo of your great aunt Monique.


    Not 100% effective

    If you were looking for a 100% effective filter, you could be significantly disappointed. PC blue light filters do not completely stop the transmission of this harmful light wave. Indeed, despite technological progress, filters are not yet capable of absorbing all of the light ray released by our screens.

    In addition to this, recent studies conducted by the University of Manchester suggest that our eyes react as much to other colors as to the blue light coming from our screens.


    So, the best thing is probably to combine the solutions or find other alternatives to adorn your eyeballs with additional defense points.

    Recommendations and alternatives


    From one individual to another, preferences and expectations may be different. At Horus X we will always be on the side of protection and prevention when it comes to the health of your eyes .

    We consider this solution of blue light filters with great interest and seriousness. We believe that its use can indeed be an interesting solution to compensate for the significant exposure of blue light .

    We nevertheless prefer other alternatives, which seem less restrictive and probably more relevant for a high-level player.


    Anti blue light & anti glare gaming glasses

      Anti Blue Light Filter Glasses

      A good pair of protective glasses will always be one of the alternatives that we will advise at home. The good thing about the goggles is that you can put them on and take them off as you see fit, like a weapon that you change during the game. We like this flexibility and it will allow you to have greater freedom and responsibility. - with regard to your sight.

      To choose the pair that might suit you, just one link to follow: it's here !

      Light settings on your different devices

        You should know that today, it is possible on your PC – as on your smartphone or mobile tablet – to modify the settings of your screen to limit the effects of blue light.

                 On Windows 10

        • Click on Start > Settings > System
        • In the Display section, activate the Night lighting option
        • On the Night Light Settings link, click the Enable Now button. You can also set this setting to a specific time slot.

        On Macbooks

        • Choose the Apple menu and go to System Preferences
        • Click on Monitors
        • Then click on the Night Shift tab
        • From there, you can program a time slot and activate Night Shift mode to adjust your screen light preferences.

        On Chromebooks

        • Select the time in the lower right corner
        • Click on Settings
        • Once in the “Device” tab, go to Display
        • Under "Night lighting", activate Night lighting
        • Therefore, adjust the color of your screen to "Color temperature".


          If you're not a fan of filters to apply to your PC screens and your computer is not originally equipped with a night mode, you can always opt for anti-blue light software, such as LightBulb . This application makes it very easy to reduce eye fatigue resulting from long times spent in front of a screen.

          With this software, your computer continuously adjusts the gamma frequency of your screen, shifting the color temperature from cool blue to warm yellow. This type of application has many features to customize your work environment.

          Another application that we really appreciate: the f.lux software . It intervenes directly on the lighting and backlighting of your screen by reducing the level of blue when night falls. Very easy to use, the application offers you to enter your geographical location and set the level of light used so that it can be adjusted automatically: halogen, daylight or fluorescence.

          Where to buy a blue light screen filter?

          If you are convinced by the usefulness of filters to protect your eyes, all you have to do is get one on the Internet. We have decided to make it easier for you by comparing the different sales proposals available on the web?

          Therefore, the filter that seems to us the most interesting is that of the company VisaProtect. You can find their filter on Amazon with all the information about it.

          To buy it now: VistaProtect – Premium Anti-Blue Light Filter

          PC anti-fatigue filter | The final word

                   There are many solutions to protect yourself from the harmful effects of blue light. It is your duty to adopt some if you spend a lot of time in front of your computer or your television.

          As we take care of our readers and gamers from all walks of life, we would like to remind you that here at Horus X you will always find advice to protect your eyes : from glasses to PC filters to food supplements , alternatives are numerous .

          Do not hesitate to write to us if you are interested in our lenses and our frames or if you have any questions regarding the protection of your eyes.

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