If you’re trying to ensure optimal protection against glare and UV rays, you might be confused which category is the best choice.

Category 3 are especially recommended for everyday wear and driving due to their ability to offer excellent defense against sunlight, so they’re the natural choice.

Let’s look at why.

Category 3 sunglasses: The ultimate guide

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Sunglasses’ sun protection index, known as categories, provides information on the degree of sunlight filtration. Basically, the higher the category, the greater the amount of visible light is filtered and the more sun glare is reduced.

  • Category 0: Filtration between 0 and 20%.
  • Category 1: Filtration between 20 and 57%.
  • Category 2: Filtration between 57 and 82%.
  • 🌞Category 3: Filtration between 82 and 92%.
  • 🏔 Category 4: Filtration of up to 97% of sunlight. Please note that category 4 glasses are reserved for conditions of really intense light (surfaces with strong reflections, such as snowy mountaintops) and are forbidden for driving.

When buying lenses to reduce glare, always choose Category 3 for protection and anti-reflection.

Figuring out what category a pair of sunglasses is, is easier than choosing a partner on Love is Blind. Just check the CE mark on the temples: it should be legible, visible, and indelible. This marking indicates compliance with current standards.

To find out what category the sunglasses lens comply with, just check they also have the cat 3 marking next to the CE and you’re good to go! In theory, your eyes are now effectively shielded from sunlight as well as UV rays.

But wait, there’s more!

There are two foolproof ways to ensure that your glasses meet standards:

Request an official test report from the eyewear company: While it's quicker, not all brands may provide this level of detail.

Have your glasses tested in a laboratory: Although it can be costly and time-consuming, it's the only way to guarantee their compliance.

🤓 Psst! If you're keen on becoming an expert on sunglasses categories, check out our comprehensive article: "Sunglasses Categories: The Ultimate Guide!"

What about UV rays’ protection?

Good question! If you paid close attention in school you might know that UV filtration is completely separate to both sunlight filtration and glare protection.

Luckily, here's a simple way to confirm if your glasses offer effective protection against UV rays and effective sun glare reduction: that CE mark again! If your sunglasses bear the CE mark, it means their lenses provide effective filtration against both UVA and UVB rays.

If you’re interested in or have heard the term “UV400 standard”, you can also find out about this. Sunglasses that comply with the UV400 protection standard will also be marked accordingly, but they should always still have the CE mark too.  

UV400 lenses are engineered to offer optimal protection against UV rays up to a wavelength of 400 nanometers.

Category 3 sunglasses: The right choice for everyday wear

As you can see, by choosing category 3 sunglasses, you're offering yourself the best filtration on a daily basis. As category 4 lenses are reserved for very bright conditions (high mountains, water sports, etc.) and prohibited for driving, category 3 offers the most versatile and effective protection for everyday use, without ever impacting your vision.

Categories 0, 1 and 2 all offer too little protection against glare, while category 4 are no good unless you’re challenging Shaun White to a snowboarding race.

With all this taken into account, it should be obvious that all Horus X sunglasses are fit with category 3 lenses, making them comfortable and effective, no matter what activity you’re doing.

Unless that activity is sitting in a dark room.

Which category 3 sunglasses do I choose to ensure they’re anti-UV and anti-glare?

Horus X sunglasses options

Well, any that have both marks should be quality sunglasses that provide optimum protection against UV, glare and reflections. But the best pairs will also include protection against harmful blue light, shielding your eyes from even more danger.

That’s why Horus X sunglasses do it all.

We offer full protection and a range of sunglass styles for all, at smart prices that don’t compromise quality. 

It’s up to your own personal style which you choose. Do you like metal frames and round lenses a la John Lennon? Or are you more of a vintage tortoise shell frame kind of person? Or are you the sportiest person in your group and want your sunglasses to reflect the high level of activity you do in day-to-day life?

With our vintage or modern frames, with options galore, you're bound to find the perfect pair of UV sunglasses to grace the tip of your nose!

🕶️ HORUS X’s solar technology

Or rather technologies, because we actually offer 2 types of lenses, depending on your needs.

Technology Darkmatter® x-Pol®
  • Classic use
  • 🌞Solar & anti-blue light
  • 📱💻 Good for outdoor screen work
  • Classic use for sports in bright enviornments (sea, mountains)
  • ☀ Polarized solar lenses
Anti UV 100% 100%
High-performance anti-reflective lenses ✔️ ✔️
Polarization ✖️ ✔️
Optimised for screen reading ✔️ ✖️

💡 Please note: Photochromic lenses are sunglasses that darken according to the light. That means they can change from light to dark in mere moments, so they can be used both in and outdoors. The only drawback is that they can take some time to regain their normal tint indoors, so aren’t advisable for driving.

That's why we prefer to offer you anti-glare, polarized sunglasses if you're looking for optimal visual comfort behind the wheel.

🎁 The little extras that make all the difference

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  • 🚛 Free delivery across the United States
  • 👌 Online eyewear testing: So, you can try on your sunglasses right from your couch, we've designed a virtual glasses testing tool you can use on any of our product pages!
  • 30 days to test: Satisfied or your money back

Are category 3 sunglasses the best choice for your eyes? Final thoughts

Sunglasses aren't just an accessory; their main role is to protect your eyes from the sun's harmful rays.

The protection category or index or class is the degree to which your lenses filter sunlight. It differs from UV protection, but guarantees you good protection against the latter, thanks to the CE mark and the UV400 standard.

The best category of sunglasses for everyday use is category 3. That’s because they offer 82% to 92% sunlight filtration, perfect for avoiding glare when you finally finish Final Fantasy 7 (so in about 5 years’ time).

To be sure you're choosing quality, high-performance sunglasses that won't break the bank, opt for category 3 anti-blue light, 100% UV protection, and anti-reflective sunglasses (HORUS X, of course, which guarantee style and protection at a reasonable price). Available with polarization, free delivery and a lifetime guarantee, they're THE choice for top visual comfort!

In summer, what better way is there to treat yourself and your vision?

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