First interview of our series with Mickael Devos aka on Instagram. Like every week, we will be asking our gamer friends questions about their experiences, their challenges and their advice for success in gaming.


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When did you start getting into gaming?


From a very young age, I started this passion by playing on the Nintendo NES & the game boy. But at that time I was not yet talking about passion, I was far too young to explain this feeling. It was above all a moment of relaxation and pleasure for me.


Why did it become a passion? What prompted you to get into this sector and on social networks?


It came with age and after hours and hours of playing, that's when it became a real passion and I knew it would be part of me, of my personality. got started on social networks, simply because I saw people sharing their passion for video games and I thought it was a real opportunity. So I thought about what I could do and I thought why not me... and that's how it all started.


What makes a good influencer?


I would say a word "PASSION" regardless of the field if it is done with passion it can be seen, felt and therefore makes this person a good influencer in my opinion. It's super important to make people feel that.




Can you explain what you do exactly and what are your references at the moment?


I mainly share my passion for gaming on my Instagram page, my purchases, my favorites, opinions, it all depends on my mood at the time on the different platforms (Xbox, Nintendo, PlayStation). I also highlight my passion for Pokémon's, but I also share some moments of personal life with my partner and my daughter. It's not just video games, huh :).


What are your fondest memories as a gamer? And the worst?


Without hesitation, my most beautiful memories are on the N64 with my 2 brothers and my sister on our frenzied games on Mario Kart, James Bond, etc... real moments of sharing and laughter together in the same room before the online exists. From what I remember, I don't really have bad gaming memories.


If I tell you, blue light?


Light emitted by artificial light sources such as bulbs or screens.


As an influencer, do you have any advice for getting started ?


I would give only one piece of advice: share with passion and don't absolutely want to chase after likes or followers. Just be yourself.


How do you see the gaming market for the next few years?


In a few years we will surely be on total dematerialization. Well unfortunately... as a gamer but above all a collector, I would find that a shame, but we will see in the future.

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