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Compose your pack to protect yourself throughout the day and take advantage of the best rates!

Try different combinations and compose your pack with 1, 2 or 3 pairs of glasses.

Start by choosing a Gaming pair with amber lenses, then select a Daily pair with clear lenses and finally a pair of sunglasses.

You can also opt for only 2 pairs! To do this, simply check the option "no gaming/daily/sun"

Your turn !

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Package content

Each pair of gaming or sunglasses you choose comes with:

  • 1 ultra light and flexible case
  • 1 solid reusable box
  • 1 high quality microfiber cloth

The Ushuaïa comes with a compact case.

For more information, consult the dedicated product pages of the pairs that interest you!

Lifetime warranty

Glasses guaranteed for life.

A problem ? Email and we will send you a pair for free or reimburse you the old one, your choice.

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Need help to choose ?

Here are the models you can choose from in your pack



The One (Amber)

The original, the only, the unique. A lightweight pair with a sleek design for playing in complete peace of mind. A must have tested by thousands of gamers.

The Urban (Amber)

Even lighter than the gaming one and with a smooth soft touch coating. It will soon be forgotten on your nose.

The Révolution

Our thinnest glasses yet. Its ultra-thin metal temples are ideal for gaming sessions with headphones on.

The Dailys

The One (Clear)

On the same frame as its big sister the gaming One, you will benefit here from optimal protection against blue light with lenses that limit color distortion and a style that defies gravity.

The Urban (Clear)

Just like the Urban with amber lenses, you'll enjoy unparalleled comfort while protecting your eyes at the office or in front of the TV with this pair equipped with clear lenses.

La Ushuaïa

One of our best sellers and one of our most stylish glasses. No concessions here, if you want optimal protection with an extraordinary style, this is the right choice!


The One Sun

Neo-retro cyberpunk style with these glasses with a soft touch coating which gives it inimitable softness and comfort!

The Urban Sun

The holiday glasses, the summer pair, the one that will conquer the coldest of hearts Can't you hear the sound of waves ?